Mark Edits Automatically [SOLVED]

I just transitioned to a new computer and installed the latest Audacity (2.1.1). I’m still using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1.

The older version had a nice feature for editing: every place I snipped left a mark that I could click to undo the snip, allowing me to reedit snips in random order. It was on by default in the older version, but I can’t find how to turn this feature on in 2.1.1.

Please help!

No, it has always been off by default, but it is simple to turn on :wink:
Go to:
“Edit menu > Preferences > Tracks”
Then check the item “Enable cut lines”

See also:

Thanks! Your solution is correct.

Exactly how it got turned on last year remains a mystery. I sure didn’t do it!