many tiny files instead of one

This is my first time using Audacity. I am trying to record from a usb turntable. It seemed to be recording fine, but when I saved the project, it gave me dozens of very short bits in separate files. Impossible to edit or play back. What did I do wrong? Why didn’t Audacity put the whole album in one file?

Because you didn’t tell Audacity you wanted a sound file. You saved an Audacity Project with a project manager file and a folder with production snippets. To get a real sound file, you have to Export one.

File > Export > WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM.

That will produce a sound file which should drop right into any Music CD burner program. Do Not use MP3 for this. MP3 creates sound distortion.

Double click on the aup file and Audacity should open up with your show on it.


Now it plays very nicely in Audacity, but after I export it as a wav file, it is absolutely silent.

Make sure Windows is playing to the computer, not to the USB turntable: .


None of those fixes worked, but that is the issue, because when I unplug the turntable, all is well. Thanks!