manual recovery from temporaty files

I made the dumb mistake of misclicking right at the ‘save project’ moment - I clicked on no instead of yes, and obviously realised what I had done immediately :frowning:

I desperately need to recover the file because it has hours of recorded footage on it that I really don’t want to have to redo.
I have managed to find the .aup3unsaved file and a .aup3unsaved-wal file in the SessionsData folder, but when I go into audacity to open the .aup3unsavefd file I get an error message saying that it is already open in another window.

I cant find another window anywhere and have quit audacity completely a couple times just in case but the error message keeps coming up. does anyone know what I can do?? thank you!!

I’m expecting the chances of recovery to be very slim, but let’s see if we can do anything…

What size are those files?
If they are greater than 0 bytes, make backup copies of them both immediately.

@feena - the lesson to be taken away from this for future work is …

If you are working on an important project don’t rely on the temporay files and just save at the end.

Rather save an empty project right at the outset and make regular saves (Cmd+S on a Mac) as you progress through the work. You can also use File > Save Project > Backup Project to make backup copies of the project at important key stages if required.