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I am trying to get the help manual to work locally on ubuntu linux and firefox. I can open the first page locally but subsequent pages get loaded from the internet. I cannot find where to change the pointers to local

That option has been removed from recent versions of Audacity.

As a partial workaround, if you have downloaded the manual, you can create a bookmark in Firefox to open the index page of the manual, and then navigate to other pages from there. Unfortunately, the search function in the online version is not available in the downloaded version, and links in Audacity only go to the online version of the manual.

I’m running Audacity 3.3.3 on Linux Mint via the Ubuntu PPA, and used the instructions at to get local help working correctly.

In summary:

  • First create the folder ‘help’ at /usr/share/audacity/help/ (with elevated permissions).

  • Download the Help manuals from Audacity download latest version

  • Extract the ‘manual’ folder from the downloaded .zip file to a temp location.

  • Copy/paste the extracted ‘manual’ folder into the newly created ‘help’ folder (again with elevated permissions).

  • Start Audacity and check operation of Manual.

I am still getting the same error after again downloading, extracting and copying. When I open the manual it goes in fine but if I open any topic it looks for the server for the topic and not a local file. It has to find the file via the network not a loca filel. When you open the under the /usr/share/audacity/mamual/man/ directory it in firefox comes up with cannot find the file.

In older versions of Audacity there was an option in “Preferences > Interface” to select whether to use the on-line or local manual. In recent (official from Audacity Team) versions, that option has been removed to always use the on-line manual.

Current version: Interface Preferences - Audacity Manual

Older version: Interface Preferences - Audacity Manual

I can access the Audacity html file(s) directly with Firefox e.g. file:///usr/share/audacity/help/manual/index.html and it opens correctly and navigates within the local environment OK.

Check that you’ve put the manual folder under the help folder, as in the path above.

To access the help HTML files in your web browser, the manual may be unzipped anywhere that your account has read access. Personally I have it in a folder called “Manuals” in “Documents” along with all of my other manuals.

The limitation is that links from within Audacity, (such as "Help menu > Manual), only link to the on-line version of the manual. In older versions of Audacity provided the option for links within Audacity to go to the relevant page of a local manual. That option has been removed for some reason known only to the new development team.

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