Manual - Local copy not accessible


macOS SIERRA. Audacity 2.1.2. Installed from .dmg

When I try to access the Manual (Help > Manual) Audacity says that it cannot find the local copy. However, there seems to be a copy of the manual in Applications > Audacity > help > …

Either Audacity is not looking for the Manual in the right place or (more probably) there is an access rights problem with the involved folders. I am running Audacity from an account with administrator rights and all the concerned folders have the following rights : system : Read & Write; admin : Read & Write; everyone : Read only. Can someone help me by checking that this set of access rights is, or is not, fundamentally different from what Audacity expects ?

(I have tried to re-install a fresh copy of Audacity to see if the Manual would become accessible. It didn’t. May be I should un-install Audacity before re-installing. To un-install is it sufficient to move the Audacity folder to the trash ? Are there any other files to delete ?)

Thanks in advance.

You can always read the Manual online: .

It could be Gatekeeker is blocking access. Try:

sudo xattr -r -d /Applications/Audacity/

Reboot if it seems to have no effect.

You can also delete the folder ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/ which will have the effect of resetting all your settings to Audacity default. I doubt it will help with the problem you have.


Good catch, it was Gatekeeper that was blocking access. (BTW, thanks for having made me notice that macOS Sierra has restricted the functionality System Preferences > Security & Privacy : you can’t turn Gatekeeper off any longer).

Many thanks.

You can, using the Terminal:
but bear in mind that Gatekeeper is there as a level of protection.

The actual problem seems to be that in Sierra, Gatekeeper has more power to block folders that are used by the app but not bundled into it (so you could see them if you right-clicked over the app > “Show Package Contents”).

The next 2.1.3 version of Audacity should be signed with an “Apple Developer” certificate but we’re waiting to see if that is enough to override that folders are external to the app and that Audacity can use external LAME and FFmpeg libraries (which we can’t bundle for licensing reasons).