managing projects and plugins

I’m an end user (not programmer) and would appreciate help with managing Audacity version, plug-ins, and projects. (Sorry if I’m intruding on the wrong thread. If so please direct me to the right one.)

Audacity versions:
I use Win 10 and recently upgraded Audacity to v2.1.3 by downloading the .exe installer (I think). Windows Control Panel “Programs & Features” shows Audacity v2.1.0 dated 7/23/15 (when I replaced my hard drive) and v2.1.3 dated 5/3/17. Yet in folder C:\Program files (x86)\Audacity, I see only one application file that, when clicked, opens v2.1.3. I can’t find another Audacity program folder and don’t know where v2.1.0 lives.
– Is it safe to use Control Panel Programs & Features to uninstall v2.1.0 without disrupting v2.1.3?
– Is v2.1.3 backwards compatible with all project files created with earlier versions?
– Other concerns and solutions regarding version mgt?

I see a Plug-ins subfolder within C:\Program files (x86)\Audacity, with a bunch of .NY files, but I’ve never specifically downloaded or installed an Audacity plug-in. (Did those in this folder come bundled with the program download?) If I download a new plug-in such as RMS Normalize and save it in this Plug-Ins folder, will Audacity v2.1.3 automatically recognize it for use as an Effect? If not, what must I do to use it?

Project management:
I’d like to rename an existing project. Since a project creates both an .aup file and an associated data folder with the same name, can I simply rename both or – since I can’t rename them simultaneously – will the aup file and data folder get hopelessly disconnected before both are renamed? If the two do get disconnected, how can I reconnect them?

If I download a new plug-in such as RMS Normalize and save it in this Plug-Ins folder, will Audacity v2.1.3 automatically recognize it for use as an Effect?

No. You have to Effect > Add / Remove Plugins.

I’d like to rename an existing project.

The Project name is burned into the AUP file and you can’t easily cross them.
Open the show in Audacity and save it as a new name in the location you want.

Perfect quality WAV sound files are recommended over Projects for backups, archive and production. Those do behave like standard computer files and can be moved and renamed. WAV doesn’t easily work if you have a multi-track show or you stopped in the middle of production for some reason. You are warned even though Projects are intended for complex, on-going work, they do not save UNDO.


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That problem only occurs when overwriting installation of 2.1.0 or previous. It does not happen when overwriting installation of 2.1.1 or later.

I think it happened because in 2.1.1 we changed the instructions in the installer so that we wouldn’t have to manually change the Audacity version number in the installer file at each release time.

If you want to tidy it up, I’m afraid you’ll have to uninstall “2.1.0” from “Programs and Features”. That will uninstall 2.1.3. Then reinstall 2.1.3.

2.1.3 is compatible with project files from 1.3.x and later, including 2.x.x.

If you have a project created in in 1.2.x or earlier, make a backup of that project by copying the AUP file and _data folder and pasting them into a different folder. Do not paste into the same folder. Then open the project in 2.1.3. Accept the warning that Audacity might corrupt the project and open it. If the project becomes corrupted, open the backup AUP file for the old project in the old version of Audacity and export the contents as WAV files. Then import the WAV files into 2.1.3 and save as a new project name.

Yes. Audacity ships some effects as Nyquist Plugins.