Manage subscription watched topic bug.

Very trivial problem, just got notification that this thread :
has a new post because it is on my watched topic list.
I haven’t visited Audacity Forum since well before the OP and i don’t run a Windows OS anyway (using Linux Ubuntu Gnome 14.04 X86-64bit).
This could possibly escalate (?) so is worth mentioning !
Will leave it as a watched topic for the meantime in case it helps someone to debug it.

Thanks for the report.
I’ve sent you a private message. Click on the “new messages” link near the top left of the page to read the message.

Triplabs attached his/her post to a Linux topic where there were vaguely similar symptoms but the content would have been irrelevant to Linux, so I moved the post to a new Windows topic.

Probably I should have taken the time to say I had moved the topic.


Aha, thanks for that Gale, yes i had subscribed to a similar couple of threads a while ago.
Was not familiar with this forum subscription tying in behaviour.
Will send a PM to Steve to save him looking into it.