Malware on Lane.exe

Windows 10 Version 20H2
Audacity Version 2.4.2
Lame Version File

Malwarebytes has just reported this:
The Malwarebytes version is a new release just installed today on my pc … mbam file version and it may well be a false/positive

Are there any known issues with Lame?
Thanks Ron

Please post the SHA256 checksum for the “lame.exe” file.
There’s an online SHA256 calculator here:

On my Windows machine the lame.exe SHA256 is:

Alternatively, you could test the file on
I’m currently seeing ONE malware detection from “SecureAge APEX” which I believe is a false positive.
My results here:

I think this is the information you requested … from calculator, thanks.

SHA-256 927efc9e6f3fb77683a20d34a64edb6ebfbec38bf4863a18d422dfeeab9530f4

The number is different to yours … whatever this means.

(Just also checked at the test site and I get the same result as you)

That means that the file that you tested is NOT the same as my “lame.exe” file.
That is not in itself good or bad.

Are you sure that you tested “lame.exe” and not “lame_enc.dll”?

Yes it was the lame.exe Steve.
Installed Feb 2019 … I think it was around the same time as I installed a later version of Audacity.
Is mine an old version that maybe I should update?

I read that lame is now built into Audacity for Windows so this must be the version that I have been testing? But since this .exe is in a separate folder named ‘Lame for Audacity’ I am wondering if it is the ‘old version’ which I should now delete?

Audacity 2.4.2 has LAME built in, so you no longer need
You can safely uninstall “lame for Audacity” and delete that entire folder.

Thanks Steve … I will delete this folder which should solve my malware problem.
Your help much appreciated.

(Deleted & malware gone!)

Super :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, VirusTotal already has a result for your file:
and says that it is clean, so almost certainly a false positive from Malwarebytes.