Male voice to Female

Is it possible to convert male voice into female using Audacity 2.3.3 in Ubuntu 20.04 ( not snap ) ? Most of the targetted audio is narration for screencasts. A lot of people prefer a female voice for narration than harsh male voice. Mostly related to the user experience of the viewer. Thanks.

Is it possible to convert…

No, not easily and it’s because of an odd problem. It’s not just a pitch shift. Only some voice tones change between people. If you have a large man and tiny woman whisper at you, chances are you will not be able to tell who’s who, but the instant they say something, it’s all over. So something has to pick out all the right tones and only change them.

There are pay-to-play software packages that do a reasonable job. One game maker did OK making his animal characters speak in odd voices. But as a rule you don’t end with human voices when you use the simple tools…

harsh male voice.

If you have a harsh male voice, maybe you’re recording it wrong.

It could also be the mommy, authority-figure voice. Yes, that is totally a thing.


I can’t find that gamer and his software. Looking.

Found it. Morph VOX Pro???


Thanks for the response. I saw a couple of videos on changing the pitch. I tried them myself and the transistion way off. Looks like I will drop the idea for now.