Making voice louder without removing background noise

Hello everyone.
So, I’m filming video on a spy camera. Quality of sound is kinda poor, so I was wondering is it possible to fix the sound with audacity?
Basically, what I want is so that my voice would sound louder and clearer, so that people could understand what I’m saying, but I don’t want all the background noise to be removed, just, maybe make it more quiet?
I’m filming outside, in the town, so I want video to be natural, so that all the noise would remain, but my voice and voice of the person who speaks to me, would be heard without problems.

Is that possible to do with Audacity? If so, maybe someone could give me a link to the tutorial of how to do this?
If it’s not possible to do this with Audacity, maybe someone knows with which program I could do this?

Thank you.

That’s a frequently asked question. There are no frequent answers I know of. If you could eliminate the sound guy on a shoot I think people would have been doing it long ago.

Audio programs don’t “know” what a voice is like you do. It’s all noise to them. It’s up to you to make the desirable voices much louder than the noise with special microphones, placement and techniques.

The other people who need to do that are the law enforcement and CSI people. What they do on that show is pure Hollywood. That could be your Google search term.