Making vocals louder in music file

I’m working on a file that I ripped directly from the internet, it’s just guitar and voice, no separation. is there any way of making the vocals louder, even though they are mixed together? thanks

edit: also, there is a bit of a hiss in the background, any advice for removing this?

Noise Removal:

We highly recommend using Audacity 1.3.x to do Noise Removal, it’s a vast improvement over 1.2.6.

As for Making the vocals louder, it’s not much different from trying to remove the vocals. In many cases it’s simply impossible, but read this wiki page:

There’s a section labeled “Windows Plugins” that describes something called “Kn0ck0ut” that might be useful to you.

On the other hand, if your track is mono, then you’re limited to trying to use EQ to isolate the vocals, but that’s even more difficult to get it sounding good. It’s worth a shot if you’re just trying to hear the words though.

What he said.

All the known vocal management tools need a stereo show. The more advanced tools use spatial location software, but there has to be “space” (stereo separation) for them to work in.

Doing any vocal tricks on a mono show is, AFAIK, impossible.