making techno

Does anyone know how I could use audacity to make some techno? I am not going to spend $700 on software. Could I hook up a synth or something via MIDI into the computer and just record it straight onto audacity? I also have a roland spd-s so maybe I could do some sampling stuff with it by downloading sound clips and creating loops on there then recording it straight onto audacity. I need advice! Craving fat techno beats!!!

Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI, so whatever you do there, the computer or controller has to talk to the MIDI device (Yamaha keyboard???), and then you need to provide an audio cable between the MIDI device and Audacity.

No doubt you are using a Windows Laptop and that’s an interesting problem for audio production. Most Windows Laptops have a Mic-In connection so you can plug in your headset and use Skype. The connection is mono and it’s expecting a very low-level, delicate signal.

The output of most audio production devices is high level, powerful and stereo.

So. That’s step one. You can use a direct USB audio connection if your device has it, or you can stay analog with an interface like a UCA202.

You can also make loops inside the laptop and record it in Audacity for further production and editing, but that’s getting harder and harder to do with modern Windows machines. Lots of complaints: “How come I can’t record YouTube on my Win7 machine?”