Making sounds sound distant

Hi, I’m new here, so if this is in the wrong forum, I am sorry.

Today ive been trying to make my weapon sounds sound like they are distant, but i’m having no sucess. Can someone help me? i want to make the sound sound something like this. Download the files and play them. I want to make my gun sounds sound like the “gun distant” file in that download. How can i do this?

I’ll take your word for it because I can’t open the file.

Somebody posted a question like this in one of the video forums and the responses went for pages – many of them contradictory. “Add the frammis effect. No, take the frammis effect out.”

I would drop the low frequency response slightly (booming sounds don’t tend to travel well) and maybe add a slight, but long echo – impact bouncing around the hills effect. Obviously lower the volume.

This is an effect that tends to be sold by the rest of the show. It’s rough to do in isolation.

“Where’s Jack and why is one of the guns missing?”
[off camera, long distance shot]
[look at each other and race out of the cabin]


Here’s the two files:

Reverb will push sounds into the distance.

IMO cutting back the higher frequencies helps …