Making Song 1 sound like Song 2

Hello, I’ve been trying to figure this out for an hour at this point, basically I would like to pitch-shift, auto tune, whatever it may be called, Song 1 to sound like Song 2, while still retaining its actual audio. The closest thing I found to an answer was a plugin called SpectrumToEqCurve.ny, but as far as I can see its either long gone or doesn’t work in the current version, since all the links I found to it are gone.
I’m pretty new to Audacity as well, so I not know something I should. Thanks in advance.

True dat.

There are EQ-matching plugin$ which work in Audcaity3,
e.g. The “Gentleman’$ Edition” of TDR Nova …

[ IIRC can try before you buy ]

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