Making some podcasts listenable

Hello, I have some rather old french podcasts here!XpgnQJpY!qGINP3090uI7Ua6Sq_QUnw . Most like 10 - 14-10-03.mp3 only have a little high pitch noise, but 08 - 10-10-03.mp3 is almost impossible to understand, so, by any chance, is this kind of noise well known so there is something I can do to be able to understand what is being said ? I didn’t try noise removal but since the noise isn’t always as high and there is likely no part with just the noise I guess it wouldn’t help. Thanks in advance.

The original podcasts are much better quality:
The best solution would be to get the originals.

I know this site, but not only it goes back only to year 2009 but now even those are not available at all. Older podcasts are available only this way, when at all.

Isn’t it possible to filter some frequencies and only keep those of voices ?

A small amount of improvement may be achieved using the Noise Reduction effect, but it is not possible to make much improvement because the sound quality is so poor.

Here’s a “before and after” example:

Well thanks for trying, I knew this wasn’t likely possible to make it better.