making "room" and pulling out vopice in recording?


I’m a beginner, just so you know how simplified you have to write your response.
I have a recording of an orcestra and a barytone that i would like to make better. The recording is rather “dry” and i would like to make some room round it, but when i try with the Gverb effekt it sounds very eletronical, any ideas on how to make it more subttle. I would also like to pull the voice part a little bit more forward in the sound picture. in General i would like to proffesionalize the sound so if you have any other good ideas. The mic was rather close to the stage hence the dryness.


With a single track you’re not going to have much luck making the voice stand out more, it’s impossible to separate two sound sources when they’re mixed together into a single track.

Here’s a wiki page on Gverb:

I suggest starting with the section titled “The Presets - Two Approaches”