Making Ringtones

I have installed the latest Audacity 2.0 and LAME. Now I’d like to make my own ringtones. However, I get stuck when I try to export my file as an MP3. I get the metadata “box” and have to name THAT file. It confuses me. Could someone point me in the right direction?

You can ignore the metadata box and just OK it. You can also set Audacity to stop showing you the box.


this tutorial from the Audacity Manual may be useful to you:

Thank you both for your information. One more question (I hope!!): How do I find out what format file is used on my phone? I have VerizonWireless as a provider and a Samsung Convoy 2 phone. I’ve tried VerizonWireless tech support but they haven’t been able to provide me with an answer. Thanks…

I think you need to contact Samsung tech. support as the manufacturer of the hardware for that information.


Good idea - glad I thought of that :wink:

Oops sorry - I wasn’t reading right was I :blush:

You have my sympathies… I recently bought a Samsung TV an excellent TV, but their tech support I found underwhelming, particularly compared with the excellent tech support from Humax and Sony for the PVR and Blu-ray purchased at the same time. :frowning: :astonished:


Looks like MP3 may work

See this external forum:

googling for "samsung convoy ringtones format gave me 219,000 other results so there’s plenty to go at …


there are some special apps to make ringtones but how do you make a song into a ringtone? if you making ringtones on your own try this site out [Link Removed] good luck!

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