Making recordings start at zero

I’m doing some vocal recording with audacity and need some help. Lets say I’m doing some ad libs or something on an instrumental, and I want to do a 4 second ad-lib at the 2 minute mark of a 5 minute song. Is there a way that I can somehow export that 4 second adlib solo as a 5 minute track that with vocal input at the 2 minute mark instead of just a 4 second track? Or would I have to record silence thru the entire track every time until I get to the two minute mark to begin recording? I want to make these files as pro tools engineer friendly as possible. Thanks in advance, this would help me out a LOT!

  1. Select part of the track starting at the beginning and generate silence into the selection.
  2. Select the entire track (double click on any empty part of the track)
  3. Press Ctrl+J (Join)
  4. File menu > Export Selection.

(Note - step 3 is not strictly necessary, but I find that it helps me see what I’m doing.)

First off, thanks for responding, I see I’m on the right track, but between steps one and two I’m screwing up somehow. I ended up silencing everything.

You said select a part of the track at the beginning and generate silence…how long of a part should i select? Does it matter?

No it doesn’t matter. The silence just needs to start at the beginning.

Step 2 should look something like this: