Making my recorded voice sound like someone else's...

Hi all,

I’ve been playing around audacity for a couple of days. My question is, is is possible to make my recorded voice like someone else? I tried to change the pitch to make my sound like my friend’s. But it did not come out right. Is it possible to do what I want? Someone please guide me.


That technology only exists in the movies…

How do some apps on the phone like talking tom or talking like a robot work?

Talking like a robot is relatively easy by adding distortions and compression. Making your voice sound like another person you know is very difficult. Cellphones have enormous processing available to them in order to perform echo and noise cancellation in real time. We haven’t got horsepower like that and all of our tools work in Post Production.

The only way we’ve ever found to do a “person shift” is marry a voice to text program to a text reader program. You can then make the text reader read in whatever voice is available to the program.

One of the reasons simple pitch shifting doesn’t work is a tiny woman and a large man saying “sss” at the same time will sound the same, but when they start talking, the voices have no similarity at all. So the software has to manage the voices and take them apart. That only happens easily in boxes designed to do that by large expensive corporations. Like Samsung.

Audacity has two volunteer programmers on a small island in the Adriatic. Are you volunteering to program that effect?