making individual tracks from USB turntable recording

Greetings to all from central Texas. Windows 7 user.

I am new to audacity and am having a problem splitting the recording of my vinyl records into a track for each song. I read the tutorial, went back and put the cursor into the silent areas between the songs, and then hit control+B. That seemed to leave some kind of marker at the bottom of the audacity screen.

But then I exported to a MP3 file. When I played the burned CD the entire hour was one track. This was my second attempt.

I also used the analyze sound function but after I had already recorded the records. Please help me figure out how to make individual tracks for each song. Thanks in advance for your help. Mark

After you throw the labels on there, it’s File > Export Multiple.


This Tutorial from the Audacity Manual should help:
and this one:
They are part of this set:

And you may find this workflow useful: