Making background voices clearer on camcorder recording

Hi Please bear with me i am an absolute novice trying to do things beyond my skill set . I have made a recording on a home camcorder over xmas and some of the voices where recorded as people were outside the room and hence very “in the background” and unclear until they entered the main recorded room . I have downloaded Audacity 2.1.0 to my rather obsolete Widows 10 laptop in the hope of “pulling forward” the background voices so that they are more audible as they approach the main recorded area . Could anybody advise if this is possible and if so how would i do it.Thanks

It is possible to remove (rip*) the Audio from the video and make parts of it louder/quieter using Audacity’s envelope tool

If loud person is talking-over a quiet person it is not possible to selectively increase the volume of the quiet person.

To transplant the edited-audio back into a copy of the video you’ll need video-editor software , e.g. Avidemux.

[ * You’ll probably have to install something called FFmpeg into Audacity to rip the audio from the video file ]

Trebor, thank you for your advice , i will give it a go and post back my results .

There’s a video-tutorial on Audacity+Avidemux here …