making Audio files not play auto

My version is 1.2.0
Downloaded EXE

Okay I have 3 files one for a radio dial and one for the sound of thunder and one of a song and my desired effect is the radio dial tuning then a clap of Thunder hits then the song but I was wondering if I could make the sound of thunder and the song not play till one another is over for a sequence effect? Can anyone help?

You can move the tracks on their time-line, so they don’t all start at once, using Audacity’s time-shift tool

Thank you. I am curious now if it’s possible to combine 3 files because when I tried it wanted to merge it to one but didn’t have the middle sound in it

You can easily combine dozens of tracks in Audacity, ( your computer’s memory is the limiting factor).

Possible explanations : the middle track was muted , or you only exported [saved] selected audio, and you had selected an interval where there was no sound on the middle track. [ pressing “CTRL” + “A” keys selects all of the audio in all of the tracks. ]

Thank you I feel still after seeing how easy it is

I hope that was a typographic error for 2.1.0.

If not, please upgrade by visiting Otherwise all the links Trebor is kindly giving you to the Manual will not make sense.


Big typo 2.1.0