Making Audacity the "open with" default under WIN-8

I am trying to make this WIN-8 machine select Audacity as the default program to open my audio files. Audacity is not even listed as one of the available programs, (even under "look for another app on this PC)! Any suggestions?

It’s an issue in Windows that it cannot set “open with” to two applications having the same name.

Look in Help > About Audacity. If you do not have the latest 2.0.2, download it here: .

Before installing 2.0.2, uninstall your previous Audacity version(s) if you have not already done so.

After installing 2.0.2, rename the installed 2.0.2 “audacity.exe” to some other name (for example, audacity_2.0.2.exe), then you can add the new association for the renamed 2.0.2 executable (you can browse for it in “Open with”). Note that if you update Audacity, you will have to rename the updated audacity.exe to the same name you used before, or add a new association to the new executable renamed to another name.

Alternatively you can download and run this registry file: .

Rename it to “AudacityAssociationCleaner.reg” after download.

Or you can install CCleaner:

and run its Registry cleaner.

You should be logged in as administrator to run the above Registry tools.


thank you for your response
changing the name of auadacity.exe did not help bring it up in the “open with” options
i will try the other options


results in a text file with the following information:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

What should be done with that information?

oh, i see!
the “.txt” was not showing up in Windows Explorer
I changed to a different program, (Laplink)
and was able to change the suffix to just “reg” and ran it
now I will see if it works!

no. running the audacity*.reg did not allow for audacity to be selected as the
“open with” default.

the only option left, (so far), would be to run that reg cleaner progam
but i am a bit scared to do that!

when is opened
a window says the file ccsetup326.exe from will be downloaded
Does that sound correct?

They offer a few different download locations. is one of them.
ccsetup326.exe looks like the current version.
Ccleaner is “free”, but it is not open source, and the installation may offer options to install commercial programs. Pay attention during the installation if you want to install “only” Ccleaner.

I’m not familiar with Windows 8, but to make the file association you may need to browse to the audacity.exe file (or whatever you have renamed it as) to select it - it may not be offered in the default list.

Almost certainly you will need to do that on any version of Windows.

Renaming audacity.exe works, but I pointed out in my first reply that you may need to browse for the renamed audacity.exe. Once you browse for and select the renamed EXE, it should appear in the list in the “Open with” dialogue.


This seems to be part of the solution:
When you search for audacity to use as the default program to open a sound file…
you need to open the “Programs (x86)” folder
as it is not in the “Programs” folder

Yes that is correct if you are using a 64 bit operating system because Audacity is a 32 bit application and 32 bit applications go in the “Programs (x86)” folder.