Making Amplify and Gain changes

I’m sure this is listed somewhere, but i have tried finding this information and i’m coming up short.

I am using Audacity 2.0.5.

I have some old music that was recorded kind of thin and not loud enough. I would like to boost the Gain and Amplify to make it louder and a little fuller. But, naturally, there are multiple tracks. And i’m certain i’ll come across this issue again.
Is there a way to make the changes to one track, then save those changes so i can simply open up each new track and select to automatically make those changes to the current track, without having to adjust each one by hand? I suppose to create a preset.
Or perhaps is there a faster/easier way to accomplish this?
What i have seen about batching/automating would not allow for changes to Amplify without an audio track first.

I am not very experienced in all of this, mostly just cutting out long silences, boosting gain/amplify, making mono tracks into stereo and sometimes attempting Noise Removal without it working like i want haha.

Thanks in advance.

Audacity has a batch system called “Chains.”

However. Chains is one of the most improved tools over the Audacity versions. So if the one in Audacity 2.0.5 doesn’t have enough versatility, you might try the upgrade to 2.1.2.