Making a mix with tracks (not seperate)

I want to make a 60 min DJ mix with labelled tracks, so that the listener can skip from track to track (but with no gap between tracks)

I’ve labelled all the tracks on Audacity at the right points, but when I ‘export multiple’ it splits them up into seperate tracks, and when I ‘export audio’ it exports as a mix that doesn’t let me skip between tracks.

Any ideas peeps?



Audio CDs were designed do that. Export Multiple and in the audio CD authoring program, select 0 for silence between tracks. That’s how symphonies are done. That lets you skip forward and back, too.

There are not a lot of sound file formats that can do that. People have been known to make a YouTube “movie” just to get the fancy switching and labels.


If you still get little audible gaps between tracks when setting the track gap to zero, see Gapless burning.