Making a loop sound clean

Hello, I’m new to audio editing. I’m currently working on converting some engine sounds from one video game to another, but I can’t seem to make some of them sound “clean”. What I mean is, there is this clicking sound at the start (or end) of the sound clip.

I’ve read this tutorial, but I can’t seem to make the sound clip in question sound clean using that method.

Here is the sound clip. And here is the same sound clip, repeated 4 times.

I’m using Audacity 1.3.14-beta, and I’m on Windows 7 64-bit.

Any help or tips would be much appreciated!

I hear no damage or disturbance in the looped clip. There is a very minor character change that sounds like it might be a bad valve or bearings or something, but it’s in the clip five or six times, so that’s not it.

Are you involving MP3 anywhere in this process? MP3 has frames and only cuts on the frame lines. It’s not infinitely editable.


Are we listening for a click at the beginning and end of the clip and the whole loop, or a click at each loop point?


Thanks for the reply.

There is a heavy click at each loop point, which you can hear a total of 5 times during the repeated loop.

So I suppose it’s at the end or beginning of the original sound clip.

I’m not involving MP3 in this process. It’s WAV, 16 bit, Mono.

Now that I’m holding the actual sound files I can tell you they’re heavily overloaded, clipped and damaged. So they’re technically out of natural sound specifications and you should probably fix that before you start complaining about sound aberrations The whole track is an aberration. If you happened to try and loop on one of the overload points and tried to join at an overload point going in the other direction, you will get an undefined condition which may sound different depending on who plays it – which appears to be what’s happening.


The top edit is a bad one and will sound funny or click at the edit point. The bottom edit should go by with nobody noticing anything wrong except the pitch of the tone changed.


Thanks for that. I will experiment and try to make it look similar to that.