Making 10 mp3 of backing tracks same level of sound

im paul from kentucky a jazz guitar player useing a roland gr-55 guitar synth that i load wav. backing tracks into on a flash drive
1.audacity 2.0.3 7 home premium service pack 1
3.i think i used the self installer
4.been playing around with audacity for about a year
i sorta get it but i sorta dont
what im looking for is a WORKFLOW SHEET for doing the right steps in order
here is what im doing in more detail
1.i buy pro backing tracks that are in mp3 files
2. i have to convert them to wav.files useing audacity
3.i have 10 tracks
4.i would like to make all 10 track about the same in levels volume so i can group some song’s togather to flow in to each other
i really dont like playing hit or miss and after a while my ears get tired
5.i know how to do a lot of things just not sure of a order
6. here is a example of 1 on you tube that i did
anyway im like a pat metheny wanna be

[u]MP3Gain[/u] (FREE) will adjust your files to a standard loudness without decoding to WAV.

MP3gain is a variation of [u]ReplayGain[/u].

Note that many quiet sounding songs are already normalized (maximized) which means that in order to match volumes, your loud tracks have to be made quieter. So you may notice that on-average your tracks are quieter after applying MP3Gain and you may have to turn-up the playback volume.

With only 10 tracks you could do it manually by-ear, and you may get better results that way, but try MP3gain first.

Some of your backing-tracks have occasional percussion-sounds which are unusually-loud.
I’d cut those back with a limiter before applying a regular compressor to even-out the volume-level,
otherwise the compressor will conspicuously attenuate the sound just-before & just-after the loud percussion hit.

IMO your YouTube’s are too quiet : they have about 6dB headroom , I believe 1dB is enough for YouTube …

Thank’s For The Info
I was Going To Do The Mp3Gain But It Said I need To Go Into Some File And Change A line For It To Work
Then I Felt Like That Was Not The Way To Go
So I Been Working Around On Audacity All Day I Think I got It Now
To Just Ampllify To The Same .It Tells Me How Much It Need To Take It To O db
But Some Of The Tracks Have Red Lines Which I Assume is Clipping
So i Have To About a 1 db Lower To Clear It Up
I Been Reading and Playing Around All Day With The Tracks and I Got Them All The Same but Was To Low Like About 6db s To Low
The Amplify and Normalize Had Me Sorta Confused
I Normalize Some Of The Tracks In the Stereo Independently Then I thought That Might Make The Mix OFF
Even Tho It Sounded Pretty Good
My Brain About To explode There Is Like A
million Factors my Stereo is set up at my house and the way it is i set it all to flat loud it comes out of my roland to my pa speakers. it sounds about right with the levels at about halfway then i can control
the volume from the mixer as needed
3.anyway im about to give it try again.i dont think im gonna compress any .im sure that was done when they made the tracks you think iv got to much head room so im goona get it right just below o dbs where there is no red lines
5.i have a hard enough time just learning the songs took me 4 months to learn the solo to feels so good note for note and that reading the music to found out i cant play the ending that fast yet
anyway im going to import them all again and try it again

Well I Got Al My Tracks At The Same Level Now
From One Song To The Next It Is All The Same Now
I Left Them All At - 3db
I had To Use Amplify And Normalize Both to Get It Just Right
I Amplify To O db But There Still Be Some Red Lines So Then i
Normalize At - 6 db Then Re Amplify To - 3 db
For Me That Was The Only Way To Make It All The Same

You can set Amplify to -1dB , rather than 0dB …
Amplify to -1 , (default is 0 ).png

Normalizing independently on your stereo backing-tracks is a no-no : doing that could shift the stereo-image over to one side.

For the final-product that you upload to YouTube , or distribute as mp3 , then -1dB headroom is sufficient .
IMO -6dB is too quiet . The audience can turn their volume up to compensate , but then they will raise the noise-floor, (i.e. they will hear more hiss noise ).