make this wav file loop seamlessly?

How would I go about making this wav file loop seamlessly? I tried the repeat option but there is a slight break that causes it not to be seamless. You told me about samples in a previous request a while ago. I just don’t know where to select on this

Please and Thank You

You have some silence at the start and end of the sound. In my experience looping works best with wav files.

Start of selection

end of selection

It should be selected so there isn’t any silence at the start and end.

If you look at the music in spectrogram view, (rather than waveform) , you can see where the pattern repeats …
spectrogram-view of ''bgm6 sound 1''.png
Looping between Zero Crossing Points avoids clicks, (seamless) …

okay. the Spectogram view actually tells me NOTHING. so that is false right there and the loop posted is INCORRECT! it ONLY loops the first part of the song NOT the ENTIRE SONG plus some effect was placed on it and it sounds bad. Not sure if he’s trolling or really has no clue.

it ONLY loops the first part of the song NOT the ENTIRE SONG

Let’s look at the request. It was not to do a simple loop, it was to “Loop Seamlessly.”

That means not only do you have to jam the beginning and end into each other, you also have to match rhythm, phrasing, major/minor key transitions, etc. It’s entirely possible those are the only places in the presentation with those qualities. “Seamlessly” usually means the average person can’t tell what happened because it’s musically correct and they can’t tell by listening where the cut points are.

The Zero Crossing thing is handy because that prevents clicks, ticks, pops and other disturbances at the cut points.

Spectrogram View may only be handy after you already have a good idea what you’re going to do. I can’t use it on a cold reading and I suspect most people can’t, either.

So yes, that’s what you asked for. Do you want to change what you want?


The clip is 43 seconds which is over the ten seconds recommended to post a WAV file on the forum. So a compressed MP3 file was produced instead to illustrate the process. It may not sound the same. We warn people never do production in MP3 because of sound damage.


OK. Create a duplicate of the track, (Ctrl+D), then time-shift the duplicate so it slightly overlaps , like so …
overlap duplicate track.png

That you wanted to subject people to that horrible music on a loop should have tipped me off that you were an unsocialized individual. It’s the kind of thing they play on a loop to prisoners in Guananamo bay. :slight_smile: