make super long birdsong recording

ok, i’m a newbie so take it easy with the flame-throwers :wink:
the object is to burn a loooong playing mp3 or other codec which will contain swift sounds - mostly hi pitched unfortunately - in order to attract them for breeding purposes [yes it works :laughing: ]
i do have a pc running win10 and the latest audacity and sections of the actual sound themselves.
as my pc can only do one line out for audio and i use it for music, i will have to burn the swift sound on a cd/dvd and play it back at the birds through an old cd player [lg dv450-sp] which can not loop the cd playback, hence the need for a long recording of at least 14 hours.
any help out there?
yours in Christ

Why not burn the same recording multiple times on the CD?
A standard audio CD supports a maximum of 99 tracks.

hi steve, how many hours are we talking about here?

The maximum playing length for a standard audio CD is about 74 minutes.

then i’ll have to go for about 600mb on a dvd, that should do the trick or would i have to in some way push that file through a pc?

Put it on a Personal Music Player. Those will play as long as the batteries hold out. Some will loop. Plug it into a charger and they’ll go for weeks.


with audacity i joined my best clips, saved them at 64khz in a 10minute mp3 of about 7mb. i then duplicated this file to fill up a dvd with this tip and now have a huge file of swifts going bananas which i can play via dvd or otherwise. it is spring in south africa and they are fleeing the coming winter up north
keep well and God bless

Your original question was confusing because you said: “play it back at the birds through an old cd player”.
I see now that you meant “play it back at the birds through an old DVD player”.
Good luck with the birds.

you are right steve, actually my mother tongue is afrikaans and english is kind of ‘ersatz’. i also forgot to mention that i actually also merged all the copied files.
God bless