Make my mixes lauder

Hi everyone, I am new using audacity>>>>
How can I make music files a bit lauder without loosing quality??? I have tried amplify but no difference
Anyone?? Thanks a lot
Audacity 2.0.4
windows 8

Chris’s Compressor.

Start with the Compression default (top value) of 0.5, but if you want the show to be louder and denser, crank it up. I use 0.77 for some of my work. You can go higher.

This also has the advantage of leveling out the individual songs in the mix and vocals, not just note by note.
Amplify runs out of steam if it hits loud peaks in the show. Normalize does that, too, so neither of those will make a power mix.


Probably a good idea to run “Amplify” or “Normalize” after Chris’s compressor to ensure that the music does not clip at 0 dB.