Make multiple, separate selections of the same track?

Hi all,

I had some audio issue during a stream that I was not aware of. Due to the audio issues, I am having to use Noise Reduction on a bunch of small, short, individual crackles. I can’t just select the whole section and do a Noise Reduction - it pretty much butchers the audio. In order to keep the audio in tact and coherent, I have to go in and do noise reduction on the individual crackles. It’s a pain in the rear end to have to do it 15 separate times for the individual crackles.

The issue is that I can’t seem to make multiple selections of the same track. I can only make one selection of sound that is all connected together.

I want to make multiple selections of audio on the same track that do not converge with each other. In other words, I want to select all 15 crackles separately, but at the same time, so I only have to do one noise reduction for those individual sections.

If I failed to explain what I mean in words, I’ve attached modified an image in GIMP of what it would look like - selecting all the separate sections at the same time to do one Noise Reduction rather than having to do them one by one.

As you have observed, you can only select one time region at a time.
However, you can label each of the sections ( and then “Split Cut” the labeled sections ( and then paste the cut audio to a new track.
You can then apply effects to all of the new track.