Make Metadata Editor show for each multiple file [SOLVED]

Version 2.0.3 with Windows 7.

Although I’ve searched through the manual, I can’t seem to find an answer. This will be an easy answer, I think.

In the past I’d record 5 or 6 tunes from an album side and add the metadata at each track (artist, album title, track title, track number). Then I discovered the metadata editor and saved myself lots of typing, not to mention I could copy and paste odd characters. I now open the metadata editor and add artist and album title, hit the “OK” button and then type track titles as I separate the waveform into individual tracks. They export with all the information I added . A great system I think.

However, I occasionally record compilations where every artist is different from track to track.

How can I set it so the metadata editor opens for each track, allowing me to fill in all of the fields individually for each track?

PS, I hope I was clear here. And as usual, thanks for such a great program!

I know this isn’t going to help a lot, but Audacity launches the editor every time you export a clip. So export them one at a time instead a bunch. Koz

It does that by default, assuming you are using Export Multiple. Go back to the Import / Export Preferences, put a check (tick) in “Show Metadata Editor prior to export step”, then click OK.

For more information, see Audacity Manual .


Thanks Gale. (and to you too Koz)