Make chain of effects for my voice

Hi All, Would someone like to make some suggestions for a chain of effects for me? It would include making an EQ. I have been working on VO for a while and have improved my acoustics, reading and mic placement. It’ll be a while longer before my ear is developed to hear what has to be corrected. Some things that have been pointed out in my recordings is a low rumble and siblance. I can provide a recording.

You can use this basic submission format.

Do not apply effects or corrections. If you do, we end up reviewing your corrections rather than your performance.

Also a note, it’s not unusual to get sibilance when a new user tries to do their own corrections. Voice processing is harder than it looks.

What’s the microphone? There are some odd reasons to want to know that. The first issue of the popular Blue Yeti microphone went out with bad usage instructions and everybody started to use it wrong. Just think of the product manager starting to see their baby show up on YouTube wrong.