Make accessible renaming of clips

I have noticed, that rename of clip isn’t accessible. Please, could You add some edit field to do It, because current It isn’t accessible for the blind people. It is same with labels, but We can edit labels by using one dialogue.
Thank You.
Marco Oros
P.S: Adding keyboard shortcuts for scrubbing was great idea.

If you turn on Preferences > Track Behavior > “Use Dialog for the name of a new label”, renaming a clip uses a dialog as well. The keyboard shortcut to rename clips is Ctrl+F2

Thank You for Your help. I think, that It’ll be great to add some article or section about It to Audacity wiki. Is It still possible to register to the Audacity wiki?

It is already documented on the Audacity wiki Manual:

And on this page about Label tracks and Labels:

There is nothing yet about thios on the new documentation site that Muse is creating:

Hopefully they may add that later …