Main default sound driver for linux mint

Im running linux mint virginia and i would love to use audacity as the main default sound driver, is this possible?

Do you mean that you would like to use Audacity as the default audio player?
If so, I would not recommend it. Audacity is designed to be an audio recorder and editor rather than a player. There are much better audio players available for Linux.

what would you suggest?

It depends what you want. VLC can play just about any audio or video format, but not many other features. For (many) other options, do a Google search for “linux audio players”

If you do indeed want a music player, you could try Strawberry music player. I have the same version of Mint as you and it works great for me. Follow the link and go to the Downloads section. The version you want is the one for Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy). The latest version is 1.0.23.

Hope that helps.

Mark B

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