Macros with specific MP3-Export-Bitrates


I’m using the macro function of Audacity very often to normalize and export whole albums. But there is a problem. This macro remembers the last export quality and is using this one for the batch conversion. When I normalize and export a file with 192 kbit/s the macro remembers this setting, so I have to export a single file with VBR0 or 256 kbit/s when I want to use this quality for my batch export. I hope this is clear, not easy to explain this in English.

Now I want to create different macros with different export options, for example a macro for Normalize + Export in VBR0 and another macro for Normalize + Export in 256 kbit/s. I’m pretty sure this is possible but I don’t know how.

No, that is not yet possible. As you wrote, the macro will always use the last export quality.
We are hoping to add full control of export options to macros in a future version of Audacity, but that is still “To Do” (a developer needs to work out how to implement it, and write the code.)

You may find it more convenient to export from Audacity as WAV, and then use a separate MP3 encoder to produce your MP3s from the WAV file.

Oh, okay.

But thanks anyway! :slight_smile: