Macros > Insert error message

Whenever I hit the “Insert” button on the Macros Editing panel, before it loads the Effects choices I get an error message that says:

Effect failed to initialize
Attempting to initialize the following effect failed:
ACBox Combo FX
Check log, etc.

I hit “OK” and I get this error message 3 more times and then the Effects Choices panel comes up and seems to work as long as I don’t choose ACBox Combo FX.

There’s nothing in the log (Diagnostics > Show Log…). And I mean nothing. Zero. Empty. So I can’t provide any more info than this…

Have you checked to see if ACBox Combo works in Audacity?

I don’t even know what that effect is. :laughing: An Audacity v2 leftover or something?

I’m not trying to use it, it just hits this error when I hit the “Insert” button on the Macros Editor. It’s the first one on the command choice list and maybe coincidentally it’s also incompatible or something.

My guess is: