Macros: how to select the region of label


So currently, I have a track with multiple label regions. Each label region has the first 3 seconds for noise reduction sample (each label region has different noise samples)

I tried to use macros to do a noise reduction for each label region, but I got stuck :frowning:

For example:
If I’m working on a label region from the second: 20 to 30 second. I would select the label’s region, then used macros to get noise sample for 3 the first 3 secs. But, after that, Audacity change my current label region to select only duration 20 sec to 23 sec.
So, How can I change back the selection from 20-23 sec to my label region to do a noise reduction?

Thank you in advance

Can we backtrack a little…
Where did that track come from and why is it in that form? What was the starting point and what is the objective?


I have 1 wav file. When I open that file in audacity, I will have 1 track.

Inside that track, there are a lot time I will say “start noise”, “end noise”, “start filming”, “end filming”. My job is listen to the entire file wav, whenever I heard those 4 sentences, I will label them and name them “scene + number” (for example: “scene 1”, “scene 2”). Then, with each label regions, I will get the noise samples from “start noise” and “end noise”, then apply noise reduction to the “start filming” and “end filming” section.

Each label region is a different movie scene with different noise sample. My friend and I are making movie, so after we done the editing, we will export an entire movie with 1 wav file like that.

But I just found another problem, look like audacity cannot get noise sample and apply noise reduction in macros… :frowning:

Macros can only get a noise profile the first time that Noise Reduction is called. All subsequent calls to Noise Reduction will apply Noise Reduction, using the profile that was grabbed on the first call.

If the noise is sufficiently similar for each scene, then you may get away with using one profile and applying that to the entire track. Otherwise, it looks like you will have a lot of manual editing to do.