Macros for Podcast and problem with Graphic Equaliser

Hi all
I am trying to set up a macro to speed up the production process on a podcast.
I’m using Compressor, Limiter, Graphic Equaliser and Normalise. I have 2 user presets for the Graphic Equaliser, one for bass and one for treble. It seems that when I put both commands in for the bass and treble that the macro only accepts one, albeit showing twice.
Does anybody know a solution to this please as I would like to have both bass and treble boosts in the audio. Thankyou

Hello, @BobbyWells

To set up a macro for your podcast that applies both bass and treble presets:

Combine Presets: Create a single preset that includes both bass and treble adjustments, if possible.

Sequential Application: Apply the bass preset, process the audio, then apply the treble preset and process again.

Check if your software supports these methods, or consult its documentation for more details.

I hope the info will be helpful for you
Best regards
chris wright