Macro to export labelled audacity project to flac

Hi Steve and all the folks here

I’ve been enjoying getting to grips with macros over the last few days, but I can’t work out if it’s yet possible (including with v3 which I haven’t downloaded yet) to do what I would like to do most, which is use a Macro to export labelled audacity project to flac. This is what I’d like to automate, having prepared an LP rip project with 2 labels (1 for each side):

  1. Export 2 files based on the labels to flac, preferable to the same directory my project files are, or if not, to a static destination directory.

So far I can export the whole file to 1 large flac, into a convenient Macro Export folder, which is a good start, but I like to have a side for each to replicate the experience of listening to a side at a time.

The only other thing I can think of now is to start with 2 different files, 1 for each side. That seems like it would work.

Can I do what I want to do in 1. above?



MacOs version 10.15
Audacity version 2.4.2

That “should” be easy, but it isn’t (yet), because Export Multiple is not supported by macros.

I expect that it’s possible to do it (or something similar) using Python scripting, or a Nyquist macro, but there is a much bigger learning curve to those than there is to normal macros.

That sounds like a practical, and much easier solution. I’d probably do it that way.

Thanks Steve. Was hoping I’d overlooked something.

Looking forward to v3, but not tonight :wink:

For production work I’d recommend waiting until it is officially released (hopefully not long now :wink:)