Macro to delete original file?

Hi, I am using a Macro to batch convert files to mp3. Converted files are placed in a “Cleaned” folder (created by Audacity) in the same folder as the originals.

I have a few macro questions

  1. Is there a way to add “delete original file” to the macro?

  2. Is there a way to move the converted file to the original folder instead of “cleaned” folder?

  3. Is there a way to choose files from a finder’s Search folder results? I want to be able to find all audio files and convert without going into each folder. I have audio files in separate patient folders and they must remain in that patient’s folder.

FYI - I have found I get the smallest files when (Apple’s) Voice Memos app is set to record as Lossless and then I use Audacity to compress. Audacity compresses significantly more than the Voice Memo Compressed setting.


Using the most current Mojave and Audacity 2.32

No there isn’t, and I’d highly recommend checking that your exported files are correct before deleting the original files.

Batch processing with an ordinary macro always exports to a “cleaned” folder. If you require more flexibility you would need to use Python scripting (see: Scripting - Audacity Manual)

Again, for that flexibility, you would need to use Python.

From 2.3.2 onwards we changed the name of that output folder to “macro-output”.