Macro Steps for Normalizing Multiple M4A Files

I am writing about using the ‘Normalize -1dB’ macro to operate on all 31 M4A files in a directory.
I used the ‘Manage Macros’ dialogue (under Tools/Macros…) to set it up.
I added ‘Normalize -1dB’ to the ‘Select Macro’ window.
In the ‘Edit Steps’ window I used three steps as follows:
01 Normalize -1dB (Macro_Normalize-1dB)
02 Export as WAV’
03 - END -
Importing all the files is accomplished using ‘Apply Macro to: Files…’ and selecting all the files.
This also launches the macro process. (No ‘are you sure’, it just goes.)
When finished, there was a new subfolder in my original folder called ‘macro-output’ with 62 WAV files as follows:

  • filename.wav and filename001.wav… 31 pairs like this.
    I opened the first two files with Audacity and I couldn’t see any difference between them.
    Can someone please explain why the original number of files is multiplied by 2 in ‘macro-output’?
    What is the purpose of the ‘001’ versions?

Perhaps you accidentally applied it twice?
If you run the Macro again on the same files, you will get 002 versions as well.