Macro / Presets for more than one Effect at one time?

Hi, I am just on work to create an audiobook. I read the whole text, it´s a novel, written with a lot of direct speech.
In a book you can easily differ between the different people talking or thinking. By quotations marks or even by fonts.

To do this in an audiobook I change the sound a little bit by different effects. Some effects, exp. EQ, I can preset for one style of language. But only for one style, not for more. Every time, I want to change between, for example, John, Lisa and Mark I have to change in Sound Level, EQ (and more?) again and again the effects by a handmade list.

I would be glad to find a preset-“box”, best on the screen, with just to click on-presets for a number of effects. Like a macro.

Do someone know a preset-function like this?

Next would also help editing: The possibility of color changes in one row. Perhaps already at once, while speaking the text first time.

Audacity has a feature called “Chains” that allows you to create a “chain” of effects that can then be applied (like a macro) in sequence to the selected audio: