macro operation only successful on first 27 files


distro release

I recently ran ~160 files through a macro and it appears only the first 27 were successfully operated on, though the process appeared to run through all the files (4 hours or processing?). Somewhere in the forum or docs I read not to exceed 500 files using macros, and hoped 160 would be ok. I am happy the first 27 files were modified as I hoped (simple select based on timestamp and delete). Should I just do groups of 25 files and run the macro a few times? Not sure what happened. I’ll try smaller groups and see how it does.

What’s in your Macro?
If you look in ~/.audacity-data/Macros you will see a bunch of .txt files. These are your Macros. If you either attach the relevant file to your reply, or copy and paste the contents, then I will be able to see exactly what you have and try to reproduce the problem.

What sort of files are you processing?
Format? Number of audio channels? Approximate length of each file?

Try manually processing the first file that failed. Does that work or is there a problem with that file?

Thanks for your reply. I am successful doing batches of 20 files.
A most basic operation:

SelectTime:End=“81.5” Start=“27.5”

.mp3 files, length 15-20 min each (~20 mb each), one track, stereo (is this then 2 channels?)

I’ve just tested that with Audacity 2.4.1 on Xubuntu 18.04 LTS.
I ran a batch of 42 files and it completed the full batch with no problem.

My files were various lengths from about 3 minutes to just under an hour. Some mono, some stereo, and a mix of file formats: WAV, MP3, OGG, M4A.

Ok. I’ll upgrade soon! Thanks again for your attention!