Macro Manager

I just noticed this. Macro Manager doesn’t follow the Add/Remove model?

I’m not complaining. Just making sure nothing is broken.


What does that mean? :confused:

I install a Macro using Tools > Macros… > Import > Close.

It immediately becomes available. Select Work > Tools > Apply Macro > Select Macro.

No additional Add/Remove step.


That’s only the Plug-in Manager isn’t it?

This is the kind of thing that drives new users nuts.

I installed effect software and it didn’t appear for use…?? The forum said I needed to Add-Remove Plugins.

I installed analyzer software and it didn’t appear for use. The forum said I needed to Add-Remove Plugins.

I installed macro software and it doesn’t appear in Add/Remove Plugins. Then I found it appeared for use immediately and automatically updates the Tools > Apply Macro window. Something’s broken, right?


Are you referring specifically to Nyquist plug-ins, or plug-in in general?

You could say the same about importing Graphic EQ curves (or any effect preset): after you import them they are immediately available for use.

Are you saying that effect presets and macros should have to be enabled in the plug-ins manager?

Macros are not plug-ins. Macros are little scripts that perform a sequence of actions in Audacity.

When you import a macro through the Manage Macros window it immediately appears in the list of macros. Same as when you import a preset into an effect - it is immediately available in the User Presets sub-menu under the Manage button.

The plug-ins manager is there so users can control which plug-ins show up in their Effect menu. Plug-ins are installed by putting them in a valid plug-ins folder (including “system” locations such a ~/Library/Audio/Plug Ins/VST). Audacity can’t know when a user has done this. All Audacity knows is that some plug-ins are “New”. On first launch of a virgin Audacity install many plug-ins are “new”. We wouldn’t want Audacity to automatically enable all of them, would we? So it is up to the user to decide which plug-ins they want.

– Bill

A very definite “No” from me.

For people that work with a lot of audio production software it is very common to have a lot (possibly hundreds) of plug-ins installed. No way would I want all of them enabled in Audacity.

On the other hand, I think it would be much better if the “Nyquist Plug-in Installer” could automatically enable a plug-in after copying it to the plug-ins folder. Currently that is not possible, but if we all agree that it would be desirable, then perhaps we could petition James to make it possible.

And a very definite “No” from me too.

There’s (more than) enough effects in the Effect menu already without enabling further shedloads that may be installed - but not required at that stage.


So it is up to the user to decide which plug-ins they want.

I want the one I just installed. I like the Macro model.

No way would I want all of them enabled in Audacity.

Now lets shift our focus from Joe Pro-Studio to me mum. She’s being forced into Joe’s massive plugin management system just so she can install one single plugin. I suspect mum is much more likely to edit her garden party podcast than Joe is to cut the latest Cher Farewell Tour. We’re focused on the wrong default user.


I don’t think we are.

Someone tells Joe’s mum that she should use the “SWH Fast-Lookahead Limiter” because it will allow here to increase the level of her (very big dynamic range) harpsichord recording to a reasonable level much better than Audacity’s (rather primitive) Limiter.

The “SWH Fast-Lookahead Limiter” is one plug-in in the “SWH Plug-in Pack”, so she installs the “SWH Plug-in Pack”, which contains “over 90” plug-ins, several of which are known to have fatal bugs, (though the “Fast Lookahead Limiter” is actually pretty good).

Do we really want to inflict all 90+ plug-ins on Joe’s mum? Isn’t it better that she can enable only the one that she wants?

I just read Paul’s White Box Testing posts.

[lying down with cold towel on head.]