Macro increasing gain of a selected track while playing

Hello, for a project involving mixing, I need to create a macro that select one track and increases its gain by 1dB.
I manage to make it work using “increase gain on the selected track” but it won’t work while the project is playing…
Is there a way to do it ?

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Not like that.

What’s it for? Why do you need it? How do you expect it would help? Why does it need to be a macro? Why do you want to use it while playing?

It’s for project. I’m connecting a raspberry to my computer, using it as a “stream deck” with macro buttons.
I want to play 3 tracks at the same time and adjust the volume of each tracks through potentiometers. Each potentiometers would be linked to a combination of keys in the computer and these combinations of keys would be defined in audacity.
I thought it was the easier way to do it, but maybe some other software would be more adequate…

The only way that I can think of doing that with Audacity is to automate mouse and keyboard commands with Autokey (or similar).