Macro For Sequencing Setup

I use audacity for sequencing.

My setup is

  1. turn on snap to nearest
  2. Generate Rhythm Track based on my criteria
  3. Analyze - beat finder with defaults
  4. drag the beat finder ‘beat’ to the nearest snapping position (to the left)

From there I align my tracks with the beats.

I’ve figured out how to do 1 and 3 with a macro.
How can I open the generate rhyhtm track dialog via macro/script?
How can I move the beat finder track to the nearest snapping position?

You can’t. Audacity’s Macros are just a simple list of instructions. When a Macro sends a command to run the Rhythm Track plug-in, it can include the required parameters (settings) for the effect, or else the effect runs with default settings. You can’t change that on the fly in a normal Macro.

For more advanced scripting, you need to use a language that is more flexible than just a list of commands. Audacity provides two options:
Nyquist Macros: Nyquist-Macros - Audacity Manual
Python scripting: Scripting - Audacity Manual

Thanks, I got a pretty functional solution using only Macros. Strongly inspired by Demonic Sweaters on youtube

Gonna leave this here for anyone that stumbles on this thread in the future. Note, you have to edit the macro to tweak the RhythmTrack options.

RhythmTrack:bars="120" click-track-dur="0" click-type="Metronome" high="84" low="80" offset="0" swing="0" tempo="30" timesig="4"
SelectTracks:Mode="Set" Track="1"
SelectTime:End="0" Start="0"
SelectTime:End="0.017" Start="0"