Macro for Playback/Overdub

Im trying to create a macro to basically batch playback/re-record files.
I want the file to load, then Shift+R, then delete track 1, then save with the original file name in a new location.

So when I do this manually, it works. When I try to do this in a macro it seems to just skip everything and go straight to export.

Purpose of this is to batch process files with an external audio device, so the file gets played on line out and recorded new on line in and saved with the same name.

Anyone have any ideas on how to do make this work?

What is being recorded when you “Shift + R”?

So I have the output set to lineout, this goes to external equipment, then back on line in.
So when I load the file and hit record new track, it plays the loaded files, runs it through the external and records the new track from line in.
But I cant get this to work with macros, and need to batch process several thousand files in this manner.

Why not just duplicate the track?

What are you actually trying to achieve? If I understand your description correctly, you are basically making a copy of an existing track :confused:

yes I am making a copy of an existing track, but a copy that has run through an external processor.

file plays, goes to external filter, comes back on line in. understand?

Thanks, yes that’s clear now.

Unfortunately it is not yet possible to do that in a Macro.
The problem is that Macros just run through the list of commands in sequence without waiting, so the recording doesn’t happen.

I think it will be possible to do this in the next version of Audacity (using “Record New Track (Record2ndChoice)”).