Macro export?

Mac OS: 10.13.6
Audacity: 2.3.2

I have a macro to normalize my audio files. I would prefer to keep them in the same format as they are currently in (varies by file). The current steps that I have are:

01 - Normalize
02 - End

I am guessing I need an Export step as well (first time trying macro mode)? But I cannot find an export that will maintain the existing file format. For that matter it seems like the only exports are FLAC, MP3, MP3 56k (before and after), OOG, and WAV. No AAC, M4A, etc.

Macros currently only offer a limited selection of file formats for export. However, if you export as WAV, then you could run a third party format converter to batch convert the files to the format that you require. (Additional export formats are likely to be added in the future).

Thanks, but I wanted to retain them in their original format, so a third party app really doesn’t help.

Macros are deliberately very simple - they provide a single list of commands, and that’s it. Macros are not able to handle “conditional” commands. You can’t tell a Macro: “IF it’s an MP3, THEN export as MP3, ELSE IF it’s a WAV, THEN export as WAV…”

If you need to use conditional commands, you need to use a more powerful scripting language than a normal Macro. Audacity provides two such options, but both are significantly more complex (and more powerful) than Macros. The options are:

Thanks will look into them later.