Macro - export sound as separated clips with macro

Hi, I have been looking at various places on how to export individual clips on macro, but I am having difficulties…

I have several audio files and I would like to apply sound finder, and then export the founded sound as individual clips.

e.g.) audio-1.mp3, audio-2.mp3, audio-3.mp3 each has 5 sounds separated by sound finder, and I would like to export them as individual clips. (For this example, it’s 5 sound, but each audio files have various number of sounds.

audio-1.mp3 → audio-1-1.mp3, audio-1-2.mp3, audio-1-3.mp3, audio-1-4.mp3, audio-1-5.mp3
audio-2.mp3 → audio-2-1.mp3, audio-2-2.mp3, audio-2-3.mp3, audio-2-4.mp3, audio-2-5.mp3
audio-3.mp3 → audio-3-1.mp3, audio-3-2.mp3, audio-3-3.mp3, audio-3-4.mp3, audio-3-5.mp3

You could make 5 copies of each file, and have the first macro find the first sound, etc. :smiley:

For the general case I do not think you can do this with macros. The “Export as MP3” command does not take parameters and is going to export to the “macro-output” subdirectory using the filename of your original file, so there is going to be a one-to-one relationship. Also, currently you cannot loop within macros.

I am not sure, but you might be able to do this with nyquist or with mod-script-pipes. Good luck !

I hope this helps. :smiley:

Can’t you just use “Export Multiple” rather than a Macro?

Thank you. Yes. I could do it individually manually, but I have more than 1000 files so, macro/automation is something I am looking for.

Unfortunately, “Export Multiple” is not yet supported by Macros - if it were this would be easy.

Do all of the files have exactly 5 sounds that can be detected by sound finder?